~Basket Stand Upcycle Project~

I bought this adorable 3 tier basket at a local market last year and a friend suggested I 'Shabby" it up.


Intermediate Sewing Skills

Material Patterned assorted
Small quantity of Calico
Safety Pin (for threading elastic)
Paper for pattern making
Co-ordinating thread
Sewing machine

(paint for frame ..optional)

Here it is in original condition....gradulating baskets on a black cast iron frame (it was an absolute bagain too)

Deciding on the fabrics was the hardest because I wanted the basket liners to each be differnt patterns and colours.

Normally when making a lining for baskets I would actually take a pattern from the outide by tracing around the base and then adding 2 cm sewing allowance but as these baskets had no actual flat base but instead a curved base this method wasn't practical.  Instead I placed various plates inside until one fit the base as close as possible and I then used this plate as the template and again addded a 2 cm seam allowance.

For extra stability in the base I cut one of calico and one of my patterend fabric choice but only one of the patterned fabric that will make up the sides.

Next using a measuring tapes I measured the depth of the basket and added an ectra 5 cm for overhang on the edge,

Then I measured the circumference and added on 2 cm for seams before cutting.
 Each basket was measured in the same way.

Fold ends in until you have both narrow right sides facing and sew a 1/4 in joining seam
You now have a loop of fabric.   Placing your two bases together (1 of calico 1 of print) and fold in halves and then quarters and mark quarters with a pin

Once you have both pieces, the base and the sides marked with pins, then you need to match the pins with the base and pin together at these points (Right Sides together) .....then its just a matter of folding (gathering) the extra fabric into the spaces and pin in place.  Once you are happy with the gathers sew together using a quarter inch seam.  You now have a bucket shape with the right side fabric on the inside.  
Lastly we need to add elastic to the top to hold in place.   Turn over a narrow seam and sew in place,,,then measure  another seam of 1 cm and sew leaving a 1cm opening at the end for inserting your elastic.  (I am a lazy sewing and only did the 1 cm seam for the elastic)  Attach a safety pin to your elastic and thread through the seam until you come out at the begining again.....at this point it is best to place your liner in the basket and adjust the elastic accordingly for best fit  and either sew the two ends together or tie ina knot (Again I am the lazy sewer and tied in a knot.  Close off the seam by machine or hand.  Your liner is now finished.  
I repeated this method for my other two baskets in co-ordinating fabric.

Last but not least I painted the cast iron frame a pastel pink.

 My liners are by no means perfect but the colour combinations work well together,